Starwars: The Force Awakens; a brief review.

There are some mild spoilers here:

I’ve never been a huge Starwars fan (more of a Trek head). I am now faced with the entirely infuriating circumstance that the best movie I’ve seen in 10 years (plus the best movie of its series) is Starwars VII, directed by the same guy who made the awful new Star Trek movies… its irritating in the extreme! It’s the best Starwars movie I’ve ever seen, I came away with no criticism and I normally come away from most movies at the least 50% unhappy…

Some of the ‘criticism’ I’ve read has complained about ‘loose ends’ but there were none. Some complain about it being a ‘reimagining’ of A New Hope, it wasn’t. Some complain about it using the ‘Starwars formula’ but it turns out that’s a brilliant thing.

My favourite character was Finn (John Boyega), I know some people will rave about Daisy Ridley’s very powerful (and excellent) performance, but for me Finn’s character was understated and very ‘real’. He evolved quickly, was appropriately conflicted, scared, angry, brave etc. he really stole the show for me. I did something I have never ever done before during an epic fight of his, I quietly said ‘go on Finn!’…. that has never happened with me before, I don’t approve of film interaction (yes I still think the cinema applauders are deluded div-wads).

Not to give away more spoilers, but a certain scene with a certain lone pilot in a certain space ship also made me shed a tear, unbelievable! Trek has only done that once for me (weirdly Data not Spock)…

In terms of technical skill, what I was most impressed with, was that the CGI was kept at really good, sometimes background. level, combined with puppet use, it really really worked well to provide atmosphere, moments of intense action, and a scene setting. What it didn’t do was detract at any point, or act as filler. Amazingly too, you could see EVERYTHING, and I mean it, at no point was anything blurry, hidden or fudged. When you compare that to CGI atrocities of late (including Trek 😦 ) that is an incredible feat!

So yeah, completely positive from me, everyone was amazing, the story was brilliant, and it not only connected with the trilogy, but improved on it to create a much better film.

Serious Spoilers:

I don’t know who Finn’s parents are, I’m not even sure it is important, but I hope it is Lando…

I think Rey is Kylo Ren (Ben’s) brother, that would be too easy and predictable, but I think she may be (but how would Leia not realise?)… the seemingly heartless scene where she is left with Unkar Plutt by her parents is heart breaking, and you wonder if she was traded for parts… but I ‘think’ it was a cover to keep her safe.

Speaking of Kylo Ren I think he is a stepping stone, I think Snoke is after someone else, Ren is to damaged, he has to fight too hard to repress the light (the opposite of Luke and Darth really)… he is no real Sith.

Chewbacca was damn well amazing! Finally we get to see an angry wookie, OK no one lost an arm, but that was the most intense scene he has ever been in.

Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron was also very convincing as a ‘ready made hero’ that required no explanation ‘here I am, I’m awesome, smoke me a kipper’ etc. – i.e. no time wasting brilliant plot device. However, I think he may have been ‘gotten to’ by agents of the dark side (possibly Ren) – which could explain his mysterious disappearance after the crash, and his turning up to save the day. Wheels within wheels moment I think.

I’m glad we didn’t see much of Leia and even less of Luke, it allows the next film (hopefully) to fully utilise them as part of the story. – Still amazed at how well the ‘new’ cast did, they all shone on their own, there wasn’t a single dud cast (thats almost unheard of). I hope there maybe a directors cut/extended scenes DVD later, I may buy that.
5/5 – my only gripe was it ended, I wanted more.


The army together…

Hmmm that is… Eclectic! Needs a good display base I think…


Lord Relictor

Quite pleased with how different this looks to the Games Workshop paint scheme.


Prosecutors and based Retributors

Hello again, here are the two units completed. Just the Lord Relictor left and I’ve painted all the in-box stormcast 🙂





Retributors ho!

Well here’s the squad pre basing….

Very varied…

Next up prosecutors…


Second retributor

Went for a lively theme, think it makes the model look rather different…


Another unit based

These really are random!



Always liked purple and gold 🙂 hammer an experiment.


Mr Cuprinol and Gay Paris

The last two for the second unit. Basing now, then on to the big hammers 🙂



Bell of lost souls colours

Wanted a bright yellow one 🙂